Over the past several years,

    B W Organic, Inc. along with the agriculture department at Texas A & M-Commerce, have tested and researched many waste streams from the various industries. The Hog industry waste makes a great value compost, horse manure with bedding is very good, the chicken hatchery industry has a nasty waste but makes a good compost for certain type soil conditions. Fish waste, slaughter house materials, cannery waste, and even bio-solids from our cities make a very good usable soil amendment. With todays economy, we need to convert every bit of waste into dollars.


    A commercial in-vessel composter measures 8 ft. dia., by 24 ft. long was manufactured and installed on a 400 cow free-stall dairy in northeast Texas by B W Organics, Inc. in the fall of 1995. This unit was designed to handle all the solid waste from 400 cows. The material needs to be less than 70% in moisture or use a bulking, drying agent. Each day 1/3 of the volume is down loaded to make room for new materials.


    A commercial in-vessel composter measuring 6 ft. in dia. by 16 ft long has been installed at the Federal Correctional Institute in Texarkana, Texas for processing all kitchen food waste plus all dining room plate scrapings. The food is loaded after each meal plus a wood waste bulking agent. One forth of the finished compost is down loaded each morning. Final destination is a 49 acre vegetable garden.


A commercial in-vessel composter measuring 6 ft in dia. by 16 ft. long is manufactured and is being installed to process 25% mortality and 75% chicken litter to be tested and used as a cattle feed supplement. The preliminary research has been done on a university test model sized in-vessel composter. The results may open many doors for new uses of recycled waste streams.

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